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New York Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

OASAS is New York States Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services and their mission is to improve the lives of the people in New York. This is done by leading a premier system of addiction services through Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery.

OASAS estimates; Around 2.5 million New Yorkers suffer from a substance use disorder or problem gambling. This agency has estimated that around 1.8 million New York State residents that are 12 years of age and older abuse substances or are addicted to them yearly. OASAS also estimates over 600,000 adults, which is 5% of the adults, suffer from problem gambling. Gambling problems also affect adolescents, about 1 out of every 10 youths are affected by problem gambling. Around 25% of the adolescents affected by gambling problems also have substance use disorders.

Drugs and alcohol are abused by people in all age groups in New York affecting adolescents, teens, young people and adults. New York has their problems with all drugs of abuse including prescription medications. OASAS leads New York State's efforts in preventing alcohol and other drug problems. Their efforts include developing, implementing and maintaining policies, resources and services in the areas of prevention.

  • NY Marijuana Abuse

    Marijuana is very easy to get and the biggest part of the marijuana that comes into New York City gets there by airfreight or by vehicles like trucks and automobiles coming from Canada, Florida or from the southwestern U.S. Marijuana also gets snuck into New York City by commercial airline and overnight package services.

  • Alcoholism in New York

    Around 1,500 people in New York are killed every year from alcohol. Thousands of other people end up in the hospital for alcohol related reasons. Their Health Department reported that excessive alcohol consumption was responsible for over 70,000 ER visits among New York City adults just last year. To get the serious message out to people last year a subway campaign was devised and signs were put up throughout the Holiday Season in English and Spanish reminding people just how serious alcohol consumption can be. Pictures on the ads reflected the words written on signs which included; Two Drinks Ago You Would Have Walked Away, Two Drinks Ago You Could Still Get Yourself Home.

    The Health Department released a health bulletin at the same time to help people measure their own use of alcohol in order to prevent overuse of their own alcohol consumption. The health bulletin said "Excessive Drinking Is Dangerous. Stop drinking while you're still thinking". New York City's Health Bulletin not only offered measurable guidelines as far as, how much is too much, but also offered resources for anyone in need of help.

  • Cocaine Addiction in New York

    In New York's major cities Crack Cocaine is easy to come by. These areas are the ones that have been economically affected. There are some suburban and semi-rural areas of New York where crack is readily available also. Some violence is associated with crack cocaine in New York but this is between new cocaine dealers coming in and attempting to take over areas that are already established by cocaine dealers.

  • NY Heroin Abuse an Issue

    In upstate New York heroin drug trafficking and heroin abuse is rising. In the metropolitan area of New York Colombian and Dominican drug organizations are responsible for the heroin that's available.

  • NY Methamphetamine Recovery

    Meth is not as big of a problem in New York State compared to other drugs that are abused. Crystal meth is produced in Mexico and can be found in the New York City area. Mexican meth also comes from California's DTO's. In upstate New York meth can be found in powder form mostly and local clandestine labs supply the upstate meth market.

  • Club Drugs Difficult Addiction for many in New York

    Ecstasy is also referred to as MDMA and can be found everywhere in New York. The ecstasy that's available in New York comes from the Netherlands and Canada mainly, they're responsible for the manufacturing and exporting of ecstasy.

  • Prescription Drug Addiction in NYC

    In New York OxyContin and hydrocodone products are the main prescription drugs that are abused. As far as diverted pharmaceutical in New York, fentanyl, benzodiazepines and Methadone are the most abused. Steroids are also a problem in New York. Illegal steroid traffickers use the internet for their illicit activities.

Adult Treatment For Aggressive Addictions

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Motivations Center For Meth Dependence

New York, NY. 10021
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Association For Changing Behaviors

Newburgh, NY. 12550
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Healing Dependency & Intervention Rehab

Troy, NY. 12180
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