Adult Treatment For Aggressive Addictions

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Our intensive outpatient program is for adult men and women seeking recovery from addiction to mood altering drugs. Substance abuse is a chronic relapsing disease and with repeated use dependency and addiction is inevitable with most drugs. Our intensive outpatient program is designed to help the individual get the help they need in order to achieve recovery and maintain a substance free life.

Intensive outpatient treatment is very beneficial for people with less restrictive treatment needs. A therapist is assigned for each patient; individual counseling insures the patients' needs are able to be addressed. Substance Abuse and Dependency Education provides the patient with knowledge critical to their abstinence and recovery.

Group Counseling and Family Counseling are also part of our intense outpatient treatment program. Our program of recovery is based on the 12 Steps and we encourage all of our patients to attend a 12 Step program in their community after treatment is over. Relapse Prevention Education is critical for our patients; this program helps the patients understand the symptoms and signs associated with relapse and positive ways to avoid them.

Our goal is to assist our patients during their time of need and give them the tools they require in order to safely recover from addiction. Long term recovery is the goal for all of our patients and we're dedicated to helping them get there.

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