Advanced Hope Addiction Treatment

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333 Child Street

Rensselaer County - Rochester, New York 14606

We've been helping men and women recover from drug addiction for over 15 years and our dedicated and compassionate team of addiction professionals are waiting to help you too. Our staff of professionals includes physicians, trained and licensed therapists, counselors and nutritionists who can help you find balance, healing, health and sobriety to ensure long term recovery and a chemical free life.

We believe when every area of our client's life is addressed healing can begin, sobriety can be maintained, emotional and physical health can be restored and relationships can begin to heal. Our Inpatient Recovery Treatment approach has helped men and women recover from dependency and find new meaning in their life. Our comprehensive treatment is designed to address all areas of our client's life including their physical health and well-being.

  1. Individual Physiological, Emotional and Physical Assessments
  2. Detoxification for ridding the body of toxins and chemicals
  3. Intense Individualized Behavioral Therapy
  4. 12 Step Fellowship Group Therapies
  5. Addiction and Dependency Education
  6. Abstinence and Relapse Education
  7. Family Therapy and Support
  8. Nutrition Education
  9. Physical Activities
  10. Family Activities
  11. After Care

We can help you on your journey to recovery as you heal from the effects of addiction strengthening your mind, healing your body, and renewing your spirit.

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