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If you're an emotional eater you're not alone, young people as well as adults lose control when faced with stress, anxiety or boredom. It's very common for emotional eaters to also eat when they're happy. Some people not only emotionally eat but when they do they overeat. Anger and fear are also triggers when it comes to emotional eating for many people while others lose their appetite during these times and over eat when they're feeling better.

With behavioral therapy and counseling we can help you gain control of binge eating, find the reasons for emotional eating and overcome your need to feed your feelings with food. Once we understand why we look at food the way we do it's easier to change the way we think and make better positive choices.

When we understand our emotional eating habits we're able to have a healthy relationship with food which can turn our negative eating habits into positive ones. It's next to impossible to change behaviors and habits if we don't understand them, together we can make a difference.

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