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Our Intensive Eating Disorder Therapy Program is designed to help women suffering from binge eating, anorexia or bulimia. Eating disorders are very serious and the complications associated with problem eating behaviors can lead to serious medical problems, depression, anxiety, substance use or death.

There are underlying reasons a person suffers from eating disorders and it's crucial to the mental and physical health of the woman to know what the reasons are and address them. CBT therapy is extremely successful changing thought patterns, negative behaviors and habits. Nutritional education is also extremely important and cognitive behavior therapy helps the client change the way they think and feel about food.

Our intensive eating disorder therapy program includes a full physical and psychological assessment, recommendations for hospitalization if required, intense individual therapy, group therapy, nutrition education, coping skills, management for depression and anxiety and mindful meditation. Treating eating disorders takes time, knowledge, patience and dedication and our staff of health professionals, therapists, and nutritionists are compassionate and dedicated to helping those in need.

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