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We know it's possible to recover from chemical dependency because we have helped hundreds of adult men and women succeed. There are many reasons men and women become chemically dependent and their treatment needs vary. The most important part of any successful treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction is the approach to treatment. Unless all critical areas are addressed it's impossible to maintain sobriety and fully recover. Detox is just the first important step taken before treatment for the addiction can begin.

We offer outpatient and inpatient treatment utilizing behavioral therapy individually and in groups. In order to remain successful after the recovery process our clients need to have the skills and knowledge needed to make healthier and positive choices. Problem solving skills, relapse prevention skills, and changing negative thinking helps our clients recover from addiction with long term success.

Family members and relationships are affected by their loved one's chemical dependency also. Family support and counseling is an important part of our client's recovery success because relationships need to heal and helpful and healthy communication needs to be restored. We can help you and your families heal from the effects of chemical dependency. Hundreds of people have been where you're at right now and have gone on to live healthy and productive substance free lives, and you can too.

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