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Marijuana and Alcohol are two of the main substances that young people experiment with the most today and there are far too many teens forming dependencies in their late teens as a result. Sometimes it's hard to find friends that don't use alcohol and marijuana socially and peer pressure sometimes makes it difficult to make good choices. The earlier a young person receives therapy and treatment for their use of drugs or alcohol the higher their chance is for preventing dependency and the mental and physical consequences associated with substance use.

We offer full evaluations, Addiction Education, Prevention Education, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy and Family Counseling for adolescents and teens facing substance use and chemical dependency. Our Outpatient Therapy and Education Programs are designed to:

  1. Help young people understand the seriousness and dangers of using drugs and alcohol
  2. Learn how to deal with peer pressure
  3. Strengthen self-esteem
  4. Understand their need to make positive choices
  5. Address personal issues that are affecting them
  6. Provide family counseling to strengthen communication

When young people are given the opportunity to ask questions, voice their concerns and receive honest facts about addiction they will make better choices.

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