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When a person becomes chemically dependent to drugs or alcohol they lose their ability to not only function normally but they lose their ability to control their behavior. Chemical dependency affects families throughout the world which can lead to mental illness, overdose and death. When a loved one or friend is addicted to drugs or alcohol not only are they in need of help and treatment but people who care about them are too. Most people have said and done everything they can think of to make a difference in the addict's life without success, this is normal.

It's very common for a person that's chemically addicted to become defensive and irrational when it comes to their substance abuse problem and behavior. That's why a planned professional intervention can help, we understand addiction, know how the addict will react, and are prepared to get them to see their need for help. We know how hard it is on the family and how badly their loved one or friend is hurting due to their dependency, we also know what it takes to get them to see their drug abuse behavior for what it is.

When a family or friend contacts us for help, together we develop a plan of action with the chemically dependent's best interests in mind. Our goal is to confront the individual in an understanding, supportive and caring manor avoiding defensive or destructive behavior. Professional Interventions have helped thousands of people get the help they need, recover from their chemical dependency, and lead a happy healthy life.

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