Peaceful-Springs Natural Detox Center

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At Peaceful Springs our long and short term inpatient natural detoxification process will help you safely rid your body of the toxic chemicals and poisons that have built up throughout the body during substance use. Light exercise, vitamins and minerals, spa, sauna, good healthy nutrition and massage therapy make detoxing safe and effective.

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol doesn't have to be uncomfortable or fearful. This is a crucial part of treating the disease of addiction. Natural detox helps to heal the body which helps to eliminate cravings. Once the natural detoxification process is completed chemical dependency programs are put into place. Our treatment programs are based on the client's individual personal needs resulting from complete evaluations done on each client.

Chemical dependency programs include group cognitive behavioral therapy, individual counseling and therapy, spiritual programs, nutrition education, family therapy, family recreation, physical activities, massage therapy, art therapy and prevention programs. When a family member is suffering from chemical dependency the whole family is affected. Our mission is to bring families back together and heal the client from chemical dependency addressing the mind, body, and spirit. Long term sobriety and recovery is possible and achievable when every aspect of the client is addressed and treated.

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