SCM Meth Rehab

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If you're suffering from crystal meth addiction or know someone who is, our residential addiction rehabilitation facility can help. We know how hard it is to recover from crystal meth addiction because we have been there. We realize what it takes to remain abstinent and recover from this extremely serious addiction.

Our residential addiction facility incorporates effective medicine assisted detoxification keeping the patient safe and comfortable while managing their methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms. Because meth is such a destructive and dangerous drug evaluations are done which include psychological, emotional and physical assessments.

Treatment Programs

  1. Medication Assisted Detoxification
  2. Complete Assessments
  3. Dual Diagnosis and Treatment
  4. Evidence Based Therapy
  5. Group Therapy
  6. Individual Counseling
  7. Prevention Education
  8. Coping Skills
  9. After Care

When utilizing effective treatments and therapies an individual can recover from crystal meth addiction. It's important to the client's recovery that any mental health issues (dual diagnosis) and the addiction be treated at the same time. Treatment plans are designed based on the client's in-depth assessment results to ensure a successful long term recovery from crystal meth addiction.

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