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Did you know that marijuana dependency affects people in all age groups and in every walk of life? It's true, marijuana isn't just sought after by adolescents and teens like many people think. Throughout the United States marijuana (cannabis) is the most widely available and most abused drug there is. Marijuana is a common drug of choice by adolescents, teens and adults too.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT can help a person that's dependent on marijuana because this form of therapy helps to change behaviors associated with negative thinking and learned behaviors. Many young people today have watched siblings, parents, relatives or other adults in their life use marijuana and think its ok. Marijuana is commonly the first drug used when a person is first starting out experimenting with substances. Many people argue the fact that marijuana is addictive and that may be true for some but not for everyone.

Not only is marijuana an illegal substance but using cannabis can impair a person's short term memory, distort their perception and affects their judgment. Marijuana use has a negative effect on a young person's brain system also because their brains are still maturing and developing. Chronic marijuana use in young people increases anxiety, depression, and studies show an association with suicidal thoughts and schizophrenia.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is designed to change negative thinking patterns while focusing on helpful healthy choices and behaviors. CBT is very effective for individuals suffering from depression and anxiety also. Many times when a marijuana user stops using the drug they experience moodiness, depression and irritability. CBT can help with the emotional behaviors associated with addiction and withdrawal which can be experienced when a person stops using marijuana.

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