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When a person is dependent on drugs or alcohol they're emotionally, psychologically and physically unable to take control of their life without using substances to function properly. Addiction alters the way a person thinks, reacts, and behaves and relates to others around them. The impact that addiction has on their life is devastating and we know that all too well because our many of our staff members have been there.

That's why our Holistic Residential Treatment Facility utilizes comprehensive treatment programs that are essential for restoring mental, physical and spiritual healing and growth. When we are spiritually broken the essence of who we are is altered. Alcohol and drugs destroy our health and addiction alters our brain function which destroys a person emotionally. Successful recovery from drugs and alcohol includes the healing of the mind, body and spirit restoring health in every aspect of a person's being.

Healing the mind with treatments designed for the client's individual needs that are based on complete assessments, changing negative thoughts, habits and behaviors. Meditation is a way of relaxing and calming the mind letting go of unhelpful, unhealthy and negative feelings.

Healing the body ridding toxins and chemicals through fitness and exercise, spa and sauna treatments, and feeding the body with good nutrition and vitamin therapy brings a healthy balance physically. Tai-Chi and Yoga also aid in mental and physical healing and health.

Spiritual healing and growth are aided with 12 Step programs, mindful meditation, Spirituality and Faith-Based programs.

Family interaction and healing is an important part of our Holistic chemical dependency treatment program. Family recreation activities and family therapy helps to mend and strengthen relationships and build healthy communications throughout the family unit.

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