Wave Of Hope Alcohol Dependence Program

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8 Hudson Street Ste. 2

Westchester County - Yonkers, New York 10701

Welcome, we offer professional successful outpatient treatment for alcohol dependency to adult men and women. Utilizing 12 step based programs and therapy we have successfully helped men and women reach sobriety and get the best out of live. We understand alcoholism is a disease that affects every part of a person's life including family, friends and relationships.

We can help you detox from alcohol safe and comfortably and administer medications if necessary making the withdrawal symptoms manageable. We help our clients understand and change negative behaviors and develop positive strategies to maintain abstinence and reach sobriety. 12 step meetings are a way for our clients to reach out to each other offering hope and strength as they learn to solve problems associated with their drinking behavior.

Individual counseling addresses personal issues that are affecting the client and we work together solving problems and managing stress. If alcohol is a problem in your life and you need help give us a call, 24 hours a day we're here for you.

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